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Spring 2017


  • AZCOPT Associate Professor Rewards Scholarship and Service Through a Gift of a Lifetime
  • Will Congress Change Your Estate Plans?

Fall 2016


  • Alumnus Leaves His Legacy to Further Faculty-Student Research
  • The Living Trust: Partner to a Will

Spring 2016


  • Alumnus and Faculty Member Continues Tradition Through Bequest
  • A Will Works for You

Fall 2015


  • In Life and in Medicine, It's About the Company You Keep
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts: A Trust for All Seasons

Spring 2015


  • AZPod's Founding Director Hopes to Leave Legacy of Excellence Through Planned Gift
  • The '4 Ps' of Effective Planning

Fall 2014


  • Love for Medicine Leads to Gift
  • Add New Life to Old Policies


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